Documentation of the AdvanceMAME advcfg utility

1 Synopsis

advcfg [-advmamec] [-advmessc] [-advmenuc]
    [-log] [-logsync] [-rc RCFILE] [-bit N]

2 Description

The `advcfg' utility is the automatic video configuration program for AdvanceMAME, AdvanceMESS and AdvanceMENU.

This utility works differently if one of the -advmamec, -advmessc and -advmenuc option is specified. The main difference is the name of the configuration file used to store the video modes.

All the video modes used in the configuration process have always negative horizontal and vertical sync polarity.

Check the `advdev.txt' file for more details on the video drivers supported.

3 Options

Specify an alternate name of the configuration file.
A very detailed log of operations is saved in a `.log' file. Very useful for debugging problems.
Like the `-log' option but the log file is not buffered. This option must be used to get a complete log file in presence of a machine crash.
-advmamec, -advmessc, -advmenuc
Select the mode of operation for the programs `advmame', `advmess' and `advmenu'. The default is for `advmame'.
-bit N
Select the bit depth of the test video modes. If omitted 8 bit modes are used. Valid values are 8, 15, 16 and 32.

4 Configuration

Depending one the command line options used one of the `advmame.rc', `advmess.rc' and `advmenu.rc' file is used to load and save the video configuration.

If the configuration process completes with success the program adds these options in your configuration file:

device_video_clock ?
device_video_format ?

which define the capabilities of your monitor and video board. And for the `advmame' and `advmess' modes also the options:

display_mode auto
display_adjust generate_yclock

which select the `automatic' video mode generation of the emulators.

All these options are documented in the `advdev.txt' and `advmame.txt' files.