The whole documentation of the Advance Projects.

All these files are also included in the downloadable archives if you prefere to read them offline.


faq.txt FAQ
install.txt Installation and first time use instructions
cardlinx.txt Supported GNU/Linux video cards
carddos.txt Supported DOS video cards
cardwin.txt Supported Windows video cards
advmame.txt Emulator use and configuration
advdev.txt Drivers configuration for video, audio, joystick, keyboard and mouse
advcfg.txt Automatic video configuration utility
advv.txt Manual video configuration utility
advj.txt Joystick tester
advk.txt Keyboard tester
advm.txt Mouse tester
advs.txt Sound tester
script.txt Scripts
build.txt Build process for AdvanceMAME/MESS


advmenu.txt Frontend


advscan.txt Rom manager utility
advdiff.txt Rom set diff utility


advzip.txt ZIP recompression utility
advpng.txt PNG recompression utility
advmng.txt MNG recompression utility
advdef.txt MNG, PNG, GZ optimization utility