These are some AdvanceMENU snapshots. AdvanceMENU offers the most powerful game selection modes.

Full. Only one big snapshot.

Full mode snapshot

Full Mixed. The game, title, flyer and cabinet snapshot.

Full Mixed mode snapshot

List. The game list and one snapshot.

List mode snapshot

List Mixed. The game list, and the ingame, title, flyer and cabinet snapshot.

List Mixed mode snapshot

Tile Small. Some big tiled snapshot.

Tile Small mode snapshot

Tile Normal. The best mode for browsing games.

Tile Normal mode snapshot

Tile Big. Without the game names.

Tile Big mode snapshot

Tile Enormous. With only the images.

Tile Enormous mode snapshot

Tile Giant. What do you want more ?

Tile Giant mode snapshot

Icon. With icons from MAMEICONS.

Icon mode snapshot

Flyer. With flyers from The Arcade Flyer Archive.

Flyer mode snapshot

Title. With titles from CrashTest.

Title mode snapshot

Marquee. With marquees from EMAM

Marquee mode snapshot

Cabinet. With cabinets from The Arcade Art Museum.

Cabinet mode snapshot

Statistics. Statistics information page.

Statistics snapshot

Menu. Selection menu.

Menu snapshot