The Advance Projects allow you to play Arcade games with video hardware like TVs, Arcade monitors, PC monitors and LCD screens. They run in GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, DOS and Windows.

AdvanceMAME is a port of the MAME and MESS emulators for Arcade Monitors and TVs but also for LCDs and PC monitors.
AdvanceMENU is an emulator frontend with sound and animated previews of your games.
AdvanceSCAN is a command line rom manager for AdvanceMAME and AdvanceMESS.
AdvanceCOMP is a collection of recompression utilities for your .ZIP archives, .PNG snapshots, .MNG video clips and .GZ files.

If you need help you can Get Support or go to the Forums.

11-08-2015 AdvanceSCAN v1.18.
AdvanceCOMP v1.20.
09-08-2015 AdvanceMAME v1.4. Bug fix release and three new games.
You can download a full rom set working with AdvanceMAME with this torrent.
AdvanceMESS v1.4. Bug fix release.
21-06-2015 AdvanceMAME v1.3. Still based on MAME 0.106. With Haiku OS support.
AdvanceMESS v1.3. Based on MESS 0.106.
AdvanceMENU v2.8.
29-03-2014 AdvanceMENU v2.7.
11-03-2014 AdvanceCOMP v1.19.
17-11-2013 AdvanceCOMP v1.18.
24-03-2013 AdvanceCOMP v1.17 with zopfli support for improved compression.
01-03-2013 AdvanceCOMP v1.16.
13-02-2013 AdvanceSCAN v1.17.
03-01-2013 AdvanceMAME v1.2. Still based on MAME 0.106. With the new graphics effect XBR and various bugfixes.
AdvanceMENU v2.6.
24-11-2012 AdvanceSCAN v1.16.
22-11-2012 The Crashtest MNG video collection for AdvanceMENU is available at
06-11-2012 AdvanceSCAN v1.15.
11-01-2009 AdvanceMAME v0.106.1.
AdvanceMENU v2.5.0.
06-01-2009 AdvanceSCAN v1.14.
20-05-2008 AdvanceMENU v2.4.14.
25-06-2006 AdvanceMAME v0.106.0.
19-02-2006 AdvanceMAME v0.104.0.
27-12-2005 AdvanceMENU v2.4.13.
11-12-2005 AdvanceMESS v0.102.0.1.
04-12-2005 AdvanceMAME v0.102.0.
AdvanceMESS v0.102.0.0.
AdvanceMENU v2.4.12.
31-10-2005 AdvanceCOMP v1.15.
16-10-2005 AdvanceMAME v0.101.0.
AdvanceMENU v2.4.11.
09-10-2005 AdvanceMAME v0.100.0.
03-09-2005 AdvanceMESS v0.99.0.0.
08-08-2005 AdvanceMAME v0.99.0.
05-06-2005 AdvanceMAME v0.97.0.
AdvanceMENU v2.4.10.
11-05-2005 AdvanceMAME v0.96.0.
AdvanceMESS v0.96.0.0.
AdvanceMENU v2.4.9.
AdvanceCD v2.6.2.
03-04-2005 AdvanceMAME v0.95.0.
AdvanceMESS v0.95.0.0.
AdvanceMENU v2.4.8.
21-03-2005 AdvanceMAME v0.94.0.
AdvanceMESS v0.94.0.0.
AdvanceMENU v2.4.7.
17-03-2005 makebootfat v1.4.
25-02-2005 AdvanceCD v2.6.1.
22-02-2005 AdvanceCD v2.6.0.
AdvanceMAME v0.92.1.
AdvanceCOMP v1.14.
14-02-2005 AdvanceMESS v0.92.0.0.
13-02-2005 AdvanceMAME v0.92.0.
AdvanceMENU v2.4.6.
06-01-2005 AdvanceMAME v0.90.0.
AdvanceMENU v2.4.5.
29-12-2004 Opened the Forums.
27-12-2004 AdvanceCD v2.5.0.
08-12-2004 AdvanceMENU v2.4.4.
06-12-2004 AdvanceMAME v0.89.0.
AdvanceMESS v0.89.0.0.
AdvanceMENU v2.4.3.
04-12-2004 AdvanceSCAN v1.13.
02-11-2004 AdvanceMAME v0.88.0.
AdvanceMESS v0.88.0.0.
AdvanceMENU v2.4.2.
AdvanceSCAN v1.12.
AdvanceCOMP v1.13.
22-09-2004 AdvanceMAME v0.87.0.
AdvanceMENU v2.4.1.
AdvanceSCAN v1.11.
AdvanceCOMP v1.12.
01-09-2004 AdvanceMAME v0.86.0.
AdvanceMESS v0.86.0.0.
Check the new snapshots.
23-08-2004 AdvanceMAME v0.85.0.
AdvanceMESS v0.85.0.0.
AdvanceMENU v2.3.8.
AdvanceSCAN v1.10.
26-07-2004 AdvanceMAME v0.84.0.
AdvanceMENU v2.3.7.
AdvanceCOMP v1.11.
AdvanceSCAN v1.9.
01-07-2004 AdvanceMAME v0.83.1.
AdvanceMESS v0.83.0.1.
AdvanceMENU v2.3.6.