A collection of video and hardware links useful to use Arcade Monitors and TVs with a VGA board.

Tech Guides

Generic collections and guides of video and hardware information.

ePanorama: Electronics, Telecommunications, Hifi, PC Technology
Repair FAQ
Tomi Engdahl: Electronics info page
Ultimarc: Arcade Monitor FAQ

Conversion Guides

Guides for converting video signals.

Tomi Engdahl: VGA to workstation monitor FAQ
Repair FAQ: Notes on Video Conversion
Repair FAQ: Approaches to Using Fixed Frequency or Non-Standard Monitors on PCs

VGA To TV/Arcade/Fixed Sync Monitors

Conversion of the VGA signal to TVs and other not VGA monitors. They mainly cover sync signal conversion because the video signal is assumed already with the correct TV frequencies.

Tomi Engdahl: VGA to TV information center
Tomi Engdahl: VGA to TV converter
Using A SCART TV as a Monitor in a MAME Cabinet
Guida alla costruzione del cavo VGA - SCART RGB
Tomi Engdahl: VGA to RGB + composite sync converter
Tomi Engdahl: Circuit for converting separate sync signals to SYNC-in-GREEN
Tomi Engdahl: Grayscale composite video adapters

Pinout Guides

Collections of Pinous.

The Hardware Book
Repair FAQ: Pinouts FAQ
The Giant Internet IC Masturbator

Video Connectors

Video connector pinout.

The Hardware Book: VGA 15 Connector
The Hardware Book: VGA VESA DCC Connector
The Hardware Book: SCART Connector
The Hardware Book: S-Video Connector

Video Timings

Timings of the video signals.

Tomi Engdahl: PAL and NTSC timing
Tomi Engdahl: PAL video timing
Tomi Engdahl: VGA timing information